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Can I eat with the Fangs in?

NO… especially not after midnight! Just kidding, you can drink all you want but due to not being able to close your mouth completely this is not wise.  You could swallow them as chewing could remove the suction seal.

Are the permanent, can I remove them?
YES, they are NOT permanent, they are caps which cover your existing tooth.

Can I talk with the fangs in?
Sure but sometimes fledglings who never have worn fangs before get a slight lisp which takes practice to speak.  This is like getting your tongue pierced without having it permanent.

Does it hurt?
NO, but it will be weird, but I dont break the skin or do any form of operation.

How do the fangs stay in?
They are caps which cover your tooth and create a suction seal which holds them in most cases.  Occassionally I get a customer who’s tooth just doesn’t hold and they will need an adhesive such as Spirit Gum or Polygrip.

What are they made of?
They are made from the same authentic dental acrylics and materials used to make dentures, temporary caps and retainers.  All FDA approved.

How long does it take to make them?
Usually about 20-30 minutes per pair for basic sets like Classics and Liliths, but longer for more complex sets.

Can someone else wear my fangs?
NO – ONLY you can wear them as they are custom made to your own teeth.

What if I break my fang what do I do?
You need to come back to me and get a repair, this is free within 30 days or your first repair.

How much do they cost?
My rates have been the same for over a decade, my price is 99€ including TVA in Europe and $99 plus tax per pair / 2 teeth.

Can I order them through the mail?
YES look here.

I have a crossbite can you make me the fangs?
YES, but it might not give you a complete mouth closure.

If I have dentures can you make me fangs?
YES, but I will need a copy of your denture.

Can you make permanent fangs?
NO I am not a dentist, I am a special effects artist with dental training.

How long do they last?
Usually 2-3 years if you take care of them, however I have had people come back 10 years later.

Are they good for sex?

SURE! Fangs are good as a sex toy…. plus a great tool for socialization, pickup and of course foreplay. Just be careful not to break the skin or…. not a good idea.  And be careful town there!

Can I drink with them in?
You can drink coffee, tea, soda, beer, water, and wine while wearing your fangs . But if you drink excessively heavy spirits such as Jack Daniels or Taquilia be sure to occasionally drink a chaser like water or soda to wash off the alcohol or they will eventually warp and become loose

Can I drink blood and break the skin?
No biting, only nibbling. Human saliva contains bacteria and is horrible for open wounds. These fangs are for theatrical purposes only!  Human saliva is much dirtier than dog saliva, if you break the skin bring your victim to the hospital IMMEDIATELY to get a tetanus shot.

How to I store the fangs?
Store your fangs in a contact lens container or the box provided. Do not store them in water, as they will eventually become spotted with bacteria.

How do I clean the fangs?
Clean them ONLY with normal toothpaste. Never use whitening products on fangs. This will damage them.

Can I sleep with them on?
Never sleep with your fangs in; you might swallow them!

How long can I wear my fangs?

Never wear your fangs more than 12 hours at a time. You don’t have a natural bite with them in and this may cause jaw discomfort.