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So many people ask me to come to their home town to make fangs and I am only one guy.  So here is an option, mail order Fangs.

It is my pleasure to make fangs in person and this is how I think it is best to make the best pair of fangs; sometimes it is just not possible.  Detailed here is my procedure for making fangs via mail after years of experience.  These guidelines MUST be followed or the fangs will not come out successfully.

Proper Dental Impression should look like this... Stone, trimmed, upper and lower and bubble free.

Proper Dental Impression should look like this... Stone, trimmed, upper and lower and bubble free.

FIRST – Get a Dental Impression;

Make an appointment with your health care professional and get a dental impression made.  This must be of the upper and lower teeth, made from stone NOT plaster as it is too brittle.  The model must be clean and trimmed, which means free of bubbles and imperfections.

A mold will usually cost between $30-$60 USD, don’t spend over $100 that is too expensive.  You can show your dental care professional this page and they will understand what we are talking about.

Such an impression must be the positive impression not the negative which is usually made from alginate or silicone.  The impression should be less than 6 months old or made AFTER any dental work has been done, otherwise the fangs will most likely not fit.

SECOND – Get a Color Match;

Get your dental professional to get a color match prescription, otherwise I cannot make your fangs match your tooth color.  This is very much like an eye shade match or paint match.  This should either be VITA or JET color shading, or if that is not available include a small sample of a piece of acrylic already matched to your tooth color.   If you do not do this I CANNOT be held responsible if the fangs do not match your natural tooth color.

THIRD – Package the goods;

This is extremely important, I prefer to have the impressions in a plastic container (like for retainers) and wrapped well in bubble wrap.  Do not put them in a flat mailing package; they should be only in a box and shipped by at least priority mail. 


DO NOT mail them without contacting me first, there are case by case details such as postal costs which we need to discuss before you put them in the post.

The DEADLINE for all Halloween fangs is September 15th for me to receive your molds, afterwards I simply have too much work and cannot guarantee Halloween delivery.

FOURTH – Make the Payment;

For all orders I only use my secure server via Paypal and all mail order fangs are based  per pair + S&H.  I can only begin work when the molds and payment are complete.

FIFTH – Try on the Fangs;

You should receive your fangs within 4-6 weeks, depending on my workload and time of year.  Take them out of the small box; the left fangs will have a black dot on the back of them so you know which side is which.  READ the care guidelines carefully and you should have your fangs for a long time.

The Rites of Transformation is a tradition amongst the Sabretooth Clan (my personal fang clients) and this is filming the first time you look in the mirror.   Make it a ceremony and send it along to me so I can post it on my YouTube channel.


PLEASE follow these instructions CAREFULLY, without a proper mold I cannot guarantee your fangs are going to fit properly and look good.  E-mail me directly at fathersebastiaan@gmail.com for any questions or suggestions, especially BEFORE you order.

Happy Fanging,
Father Sebastiaan